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Globalisation is reflected in the wide variety of our clients.

We have extensive translation experience in domains such as Law, Engineering, Mining and Medicine; we also work for the Consulat Général de France and Australian immigration services for the translation of official documents into French or into English for immigration or registration purposes.

Our interpreting assignments cover domains which are equally varied: medical interpreting in hospitals, medical centres or homes; counselling, in particular for French speaking refugees, court and immigration; but also VIP interpreting in the mining industry, especially in relation with activities in Western Africa or other francophone countries.

Examples of translation assignments:

IMMIGRATION Diplomas, academic records, marriage and divorce certificates, birth certificates, reference letters, police records, brochures for government departments.
TRAVEL Tourism brochures, travel arrangements, insurance policies, police and accident reports, medical reports, removal inventories.
INDUSTRY Environmental Impact Studies, Baseline Studies, contracts, Memoranda of Understanding, press releases, legal documents, websites, correspondence with government officials, permit applications, instruction manuals, PowerPoint presentations, Proposals, Budgets.
MISCELLANEOUS Letters, brochures (advertising environmental, medical), police and insurance reports, submissions.

MDRTranslations is a member of AUSIT (Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators)


(For reasons of confidentiality, the name of the author is not indicated.)

"[xxx from MDR translations].is an exceptionally good interpreter and translator and the most sought after interpreter on my French panel. She has a very professional attitude towards her work, sound interpreting and translating ethics and exceptional interpersonal skills which altogether promoted her to the very top in the interpreting and translating field."(Interpreting agency)

"Thank you very much for the quick AND very accurate job..."(Email from an oil company CEO for the translation of a proposal to government officials)

MDR Translations is our preferred French language service provider. We have worked with them for 5 years and are pleased to vouch for their culturally sensitive, high quality French translations. They have shown great flexibility in adapting to challenging deadlines and have convinced with prompt service delivery and reliable client liaison. We look forward to working with them for many more years to come. (Translation agency)